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RT Successfully Develops a New Regional Map & Guide with Z-Card Technology

Working with high-end Margaret River wine touring company The Road Less Travelled, RigTrans has designed and produced an entertaining and comprehensive new map of the wineries, eateries and breweries of the wine region. Called the Essential Wine Touring Guide, content was supplied by the inimitable Conor Lagan whose family was behind the world-renowned Xanadu winery. Conor adds his own touches and vast knowledge of the area to this fun new product showing off the region. The Road Less Travelled and RigTrans worked closely with the innovative Z-Card group in over-coming that age old and infuriating problem with maps - i.e., how to fold 'em! The Z-card design is a breeze to fold down and slip back in your pocket, and Conor's commentary is a lot of fun, as the Irish-Australian wag shines through. Contact Conor on +61 8 97550863 if you would like to order his Margaret River tourings guide.











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> Marketing

> Our Marketing Unit provides creative and dynamic marketing services for your business. We work closely with clients to competitively position their business in the market, raise profile and achieve primary commercial objectives.

> We appraise your current marketing structures and develop strategic short and long term fully integrated plans.

> Professional advice on proposed marketing and promotions activities and portfolio management.

> Expert think-tank sessions to achieve optimum dynamism and market impact for your business.

> Individual and collective representation at targeted trade shows and industry events.

> Specific campaign development and management.

> Facilitation of regional and external promotional activities - such as events - designed to boost market profile.

> Creative cross-medium advertising services.

> Identifying and utilising key market exposure points.

> Media Management

> The media is a very effective means of promoting your business. We believe that exposure through targeted media is the most credible way to enhance profile and spread your message. Our national and international media experience can assist clients at all levels.

> Creation and implementation of pro-active media strategies to deliver your message and reinforce your objectives.

> Media and corporate familiarisations and handling.

> Preparation of media releases, publicity and technical material to achieve optimum exposure.

> Identifying key representatives at print and electronic media oragnisations.

> Media training and market targeting of your business.

> Strategic high exposure media placement.

> Pinpoint advertising design, advice, buying and placement.

> Multimedia

> We offer a wide range of multimedia services. Exposure through high-impact print and electronic mediums is essential to your success in today’s information-based commercial environment.

> Design and production of brochures, technical publications, newsletters and other print material.

> Book and magazine design and publishing.

> Professional text, copy and creative writing services.

> Conceptualisation, script writing, shooting and production of promotional, documentary and corporate video/DVD/ on-line vision.

> Consultation on, and facilitation of, website design and building. On-line marketing and promotions services.

> Cutting edge e-publishing services for print and on-line.

> Brand design and corporate message development.

> Public Relations

> We build effective public relations campaigns to send carefully crafted messages to target audiences in order to achieve the most desirable outcomes.

> Working closely with our clients we provide dynamic public relations campaigns for business, events and projects.

> Image enhancement and troubleshooting services.

> Appraisal and structuring of corporate communications and industry liaison policies.

> Implementation of positive community awareness campaigns for your business, organisation or project.

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