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Yarrot the Parrot is Back!

Rigby Transmedia's book publishing unit, Rocket Frog Books, has just republished the Rigby brothers' popular kids' title Yarrot the Parrot.

The colourful book for little 'uns will soon be available in bookshops throughout Western Australia and in some outlets on the East Coast. Peter Rigby wrote the book with colourful illustrations by cartoonist brother Bay.

Rigby Transmedia recently reacquired the publishing rights to Yarrot the Parrot and 24 Carat Yarrot, which is the second in the series about the cheeky cockatoo Yarrot. The book is also available at the Paul Rigby Gallery & Studio.

Work is now underway on republishing 24 Carat Yarrot and the next planned title, Marvin the Moaning Frog. Meanwhile Squeaky Clean Gene - Tale of a Disinfected Dung Beetle continues to do well among reading youngsters across Australia.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of Squeaky Clean Gene or Yarrot the Parrot can email us at The two books retail for $16.














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